By Duncan Smith

Polling data for this year’s presidential contest looks a lot like it did during the last presidential election cycle.

President Trump is being portrayed as the underdog, having to come from behind to beat the most unqualified, unprepared candidate the Democrats have ever nominated.

In fact, elevating Joe Biden to become the party’s standard-bearer is almost elder abuse, given the deteriorating state of his mind.

In any event, the Democrats and their propagandists in the media who manipulate the polls have to make it seem like Trump behind up to Election Day because it will fit their agenda that Trump ‘stole the election again’ and is therefore illegitimate.

Then the rioting will begin in earnest.

At the same time, however, they have to make it look like they’re being ‘fair’ as well.

Fox News notes:

The Cook Political Report, a leading nonpartisan political handicapper, is moving two crucial general election swing states in the direction of President Trump.

'Today we are making two ratings changes in Pres. Trump’s favor, moving Florida from Lean Democrat to Toss Up, and Nevada from Likely Democrat to Lean Democrat,' Cook Political Report National Editor Amy Walter wrote on Thursday.

The switch slightly narrowed the Cook Report's projected Electoral College lead for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden over Trump from 308-187 down to 279-187. A presidential candidate needs to win 270 electoral votes to win the White House, so Biden continues to maintain a sizable advantage here.

There is no way Biden is ‘up’ in this race. No way.

But understand that the powers that be have to make it look like a ‘real context’ because it is the Democrats who are gaming this election to either steal it with massive mail-in vote fraud or accuse Trump of stealing it.

Either way, we believe Trump is up — big — and will be forced to deal with the aftermath of his victory, which we also believe he has planned for.

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