By Duncan Smith

Democrats and their Marxist allies are working overtime ahead of the November elections to expand mail-in voting so they can steal elections.

Or, at a minimum, cause so much confusion and mistrust of ‘the system’ that any reelection victory by President Donald Trump will appear to be “illegitimate.”

It’s the ‘Russian collusion’ hoax again, only this time, it’s being repackaged as ‘vote theft’ when in fact, it’s not Trump supporters, it’s Biden supporters who are setting up the coup this time.

And here’s how they’re going to do it: Read this.

After you do, this court decision will make more sense.

Via The Epoch Times:

A federal appeals court has denied Texas Democrats' effort to expand mail-in voting in the state amid the pandemic.

The Texas Democrats brought the lawsuit against the state's Republican leadership, arguing that Texas' law that restricted no-excuse mail-in voting for any person ages at least 65 violated the 26th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution that afford protections against voting rules that discriminate based on age.

Under the Texas Election Code, absentee voting is limited to voters who are aged 65 and over, disabled, absent from the country, or confined in jail, but are eligible to vote.

The Texas Democrats argued that the law amounts to an abridgment because it makes voting more difficult for one age group compared to another.

A divided three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit ruled on Thursday that the law did not violate the 26th Amendment because it merely confers a benefit to a certain age group and does not abridge the right to vote for others.

'A law that makes it easier for others to vote does not abridge any person's right to vote for the purposes of the Twenty-Sixth Amendment,' the panel majority wrote in their opinion (pdf).

'Abridgment of the right to vote applies to laws that place a barrier or prerequisite to voting, or otherwise make it more difficult to vote, relative to the baseline.'

It is difficult for most Americans who love our country to wrap their minds around the fact that a large faction of disaffected losers would side with Marxists and take part in literally burning the country to the ground just so they can attain power.

And yet…that is precisely what is taking place.

Democrats know that Biden doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of beating Trump.

If that were not true, then the Left would not be going to these lengths to expand mail-in voting, which they know to be ripe for massive fraud.

They literally want a civil war if they can’t govern. And if they seriously try to oust President Trump and ‘install’ Biden, that might just be what they get.

Because if we can’t have fair and free elections — if we can’t choose the leaders we want — then patriots have lost the country already.

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