By Duncan Hunter

Americans from around the country and of all political stripes can agree on one thing: The endless violence, looting, and rioting has got to stop.

That’s the message President Trump is putting out and campaigning on, hoping it resonates with enough voters to give him a second term he so richly deserves.

That said, the amount of violence we have endured over the summer has grown to an extent were it is now one of the top threats to the internal security of our country and the preservation of the civil society.

So says acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf.

One America News reports:

The head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) called the ongoing protests and violence one of the top threats facing the U.S. Those threats include the coronavirus pandemic, drug trafficking at the southern border and election interference.

Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf made the remarks during his State of Homeland Security address Wednesday in Washington, D.C. He accused the 'ill-informed minority' of painting recent DHS actions as examples of polarization and said they could not be more wrong.

'DHS must not, and under this administration will not, permit baseless sensationalism to deter our commitment to secure America,' he stated.

Wolf also said some politicians and media figures characterize the extreme violence in Portland and other cities as mostly peaceful. He also noted that DHS supports peaceful assembly as a constitutional right

'Our Constitution protects the natural right to freedom of speech and peaceful assembly..the department supports the exercise of everyone's First Amendment rights,' he stated. 'There is, however, no constitutional right to loot, to burn or to assault law enforcement officers or your fellow citizens.'

Without question, Wolf has been one of President Trump’s best Cabinet picks.

He’s dedicated, conscientious, and committed to carrying out the president’s ‘law and order’ vision, which is what we need in our increasingly lawless Democrat-run cities.

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