By Duncan Smith

We knew that President Trump, with an assist from the GOP majority that passed tax reform, the American economy was on solid footing.

We knew because opportunities had not been greater, unemployment had not been lower, and more Americans were able to find jobs who were looking for one in decades.

The ‘Trump economy’ was a real thing. It was a strong thing. It was a growing thing.

Then along came that Chinese virus, and mass shutdowns around the country — none of which the president himself ordered, by the way — brought the economy he and the GOP built to a screeching, tanking, halt.

Well, despite the fear porn still being pushed by the garbage ‘mainstream’ media and Democrats, the pandemic is subsiding and as such, more states and cities are opening back up.

And because of the solid foundation the president built via the implementation of pro-growth policies and much better trade deals, we knew the economy would come roaring back.

And it is.

The Epoch Times reported Wednesday that there are tons of jobs available right now, with tons more in the pipeline:

Job openings in the United States, which are a measure of labor demand, rose by 10 percent to 6.6 million in July, while the number of people quitting their jobs rose by 2.1 percent between June and July, suggesting an uptick in confidence in being able to find work.

The Labor Department's Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS), released Wednesday, showed that the number of job vacancies jumped by 617,000 to 6.6 million on the last day of July, above the 6 million that economists surveyed by FactSet predicted.

Manufacturing saw a 17.9 percent surge in job openings. Industries that saw the largest increases in vacancies were retail trade (172,000), health care and social assistance (146,000), and construction (90,000). The U.S. housing market, in particular, has shown remarkable resilience amid the … virus outbreak, with an August report from the U.S. Census Bureau showing building permits, a predictor of future activity, rising by 18.8 percent from June to July. Housing starts, meanwhile, surged by 22.6 percent between June and July. In another sign that the economic recovery may be picking up speed, U.S. home sales rose at a record rate for a second straight month in July.

Wednesday's JOLTS report showed that vacancies were highest in trade, transportation, and utilities (1.292 million), followed by education and health services (1.262 million), and business and professional services (1.2 million), with all three categories seeing growth from the month before.

The number of people voluntarily quitting their jobs increased 344,000 to 2.9 million, a measure typically interpreted as signaling confidence in being able to find a better job. 

It’s hard telling what Democrats and their deep state allies will throw at Trump to drive him from office and ruin our country if he wins again.

But we’re confident he’ll continue to find ways to outsmart them all while delivering on his very first campaign promise: Make America Great Again.

The economic foundation he built in just three years proves it.

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