We might have JUST FOUND the one!

Know this; between our staff and network of contacts, we look at over 100 mining companies and early-stage investments every month. In a given year, I might find 1% that is DEEMED WORTHY. In my book, what I’ll show you now QUALIFIES IN the 1% of the 1%; an investor would find such an opportunity ONCE IN A CYCLE!

It just doesn’t happen to most that they get to RESEARCH AN OPPORTUNITY at this level of quality and relative safety this EARLY ON as you get to do today!

Pushed into a corner and forced to PICK ONLY ONE stock for the next twelve months, there’s a HIGH PROBABLITY that this would be it.

Consider shares of Caldas Gold (TSX-V: CGC & US: ALLXF) Immediately!

Most importantly, the company was just TAKEN PUBLIC, so we’re among the first to LEARN ABOUT IT.

It already produces 25,000 ounces of gold in its Marmato project in Colombia!

This investment opportunity boils down to TIMING and, right now, the company is in the midst of DOUBLING PRODUCTION!

In 2021, it will be producing at a rate of 50,000 ounces of gold a year. The cost to get this done is RELATIVELY SMALL, compared with the tremendous improvement in cash flow.

At 50,000oz/annum, with an All-In Sustaining Cost of around $1,000/ounce and DECLINING (because of mine improvements, the company aims to produce for $900), this  has the potential to be a CASH MACHINE.

The thing is that the DUE DILIGENCE about how TOP-NOTCH Caldas Gold (TSX-V: CGC & US: ALLXF) is has already been done for us:

  1. 58% of the shares are owned by Gran Colombia Gold (TSX: GCM & US: TPRFF), which is how this Caldas Gold was incorporated – Gran Colombia (US: TPRFF) SPUN IT OFF!

Understand this; I track EACH AND EVERY spin-off in America and the reason is that between 2002 and 2016, the Bloomberg U.S. spin-off index was up 714%, compared with the S&P 500’s 155% return, in the same timeframe. SPIN-OFFS work!

There are ENTIRE FUNDS on Wall Street, which specialize on buying only SPUN-OFF entities, since the historical return is so high, compared to traditional indices.

Gran Colombia (US: TPRFF) spun-off Caldas Gold (TSX-V: CGC & US: ALLXF) and retained just over HALF OF THE SHARES. As you know, Gran Colombia owns one of the world’s most highly-rated gold mines, so it serves as a STAMP OF APPROVAL that it owns about CAD$100M in shares of Caldas Gold (US: ALLXF)!

If that was it, it would already BE ENOUGH, but the deal evaluators of Gran Colombia aren’t the only ones that SAW POTENTIAL.


  1. Wheaton Precious Metals is in AS WELL!

In the natural resources industry, Randy Smallwood, who runs WPM, is considered by many to be the BEST-EVER deal evaluator.

Think of it like having Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc., as your big brother and you’re bringing him a presentation of a company you just saw that produces a tech gadget and he thinks that it is WORTH AN INVESTMENT; it’s a big deal!

Wheaton Precious Metals not only has a streaming agreement with Caldas Gold (TSX-V: CGC & US: ALLXF), worth $110M, but WPM also invested C$7M in the company directly as, ON TOP OF THAT!

Why? Why is WPM excited? The answer is that DOUBLING CAPACITY to 50,000 ounces/year next year is ONLY STEP 1. By 2024, Caldas has a PLAN IN MOTION to produce 180,000 ounces, which is over 700% the current output.

To my knowledge, there is not even ONE OTHER COMPANY that is targeting a 700% increase in production by 2023 in any stock market in the world.

This is a special situation and by GRACE OF LUCK, the spin-off went virtually unnoticed by the market thus far, so WE’RE EARLY.

Consider shares of Caldas Gold (TSX-V: CGC & US: ALLXF) and of Gran Colombia Gold (TSX: GCM & US: TPRFF) NOW!

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