By Duncan Smith

‘Lunchpail’ Joe Biden has been in Washington for so many decades he long ago left behind his ‘hardscrabble’ roots in Scranton, Pa.

But he still claims to have a corner on the market when it comes to jobs and the ‘average American worker.’

The fact is, though, his Democrat policies back in the day (pro-union, support for NAFTA, etc.) actually cost American jobs.

A lot of them.

And now, if he becomes president, he’ll make sure that more Americans will lose more jobs by supporting legislation (on Labor Day!) that would kill jobs like it’s designed to do.

Writing at the Washington Examiner, Brad Polumbo notes:

It's normal for politicians to honor Labor Day with statements lauding the history of the labor movement or signaling their support for unions. Yet it's rare to see them do what Joe Biden just did on Monday: brag about support for legislation that would kill millions of jobs.

The Democratic nominee for president celebrated the holiday with a tweet reiterating his support for the sweeping PRO Act and promised to “be the strongest labor president workers have ever had.” But if he ever followed through on this promise, signing the PRO Act wouldn't help workers. It would threaten millions of people’s livelihoods, taking away earning options they rely on and leaving them financially vulnerable during a pandemic and global recession.

Let's be clear: Biden's agenda isn't pro-labor. It's pro-labor-union. There's a big difference.

The PRO Act's main provisions serve the interests of union officials at the expense of actual workers. For example, the legislation would immediately eliminate 'right-to-work' laws nationwide. Currently in effect in 28 states, these laws ensure that no workers are required to pay union fees or be members of a union in order to do their job. …

Moreover, states with right-to-work laws have, on average, lower unemployment rates, higher statewide production levels, and more competitive business environments. Banning right-to-work laws, as Biden wants to do, means more workers left scrolling through the classifieds looking for work. That's 'pro-labor' by no stretch of the imagination.

The law would also eliminate so-called “gig economies” like freelance writing and Uber driving.


Fundamentally, the PRO Act makes employing people much more expensive. It installs giant barriers to work and puts red tape all over the job creation process. You don't have to have a Ph.D. in economics to understand that this will kill jobs and slow job growth — it's common sense.

The timing for such sweeping legislation couldn't be worse. In the middle of a national crisis and recession, there's nothing 'pro-labor' at all about Joe Biden's plans to disincentive job creation to satisfy labor union officials.

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