By Duncan Smith

Last week, former U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), now a Fox News contributor, likely disappointed tens of millions of supporters of President Donald Trump when he opined that the only indictment we’re going to see stemming from U.S. Attorney John Durham’s ongoing ‘Russiagate’ investigation is that of fired FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith.

That’s more than disappointing, that’s maddening. Frustrating. Angering.

That people within our government, up to and including a former president, Barack Obama, could plot what amounts to a coup attempt to remove a duly elected president just because they don’t want him is outrageous enough.

But then, to stage the coup attempt and get away with it?

In a column posted to her website, investigative reporter Sara Carter says Americans should demand to know why Republicans and Democrats are not digging deeper into what actually happened and holding people responsible.

Because the only way something like this doesn’t happen again is if the guilty are convicted and punished, period.

She writes:

Believe me, former Obama administration officials and those who worked with them in the FBI, along with the Department of Justice, are counting on the fact that the American people get exhausted of this Russia hoax tale. They, however, are not. They are still weaving their own narrative with their friends in the media. Which is what former FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok recently did on NBC. As they spin their own lies, they expect us to forget what we already know: they set up a duly elected president and trashed the U.S. constitution.

They expect everyone to buy their half-ass truths and their flat out lies. Don't be fooled. They will continue to 'deny everything, admit nothing and make counter accusations.' This is what they are trained to do.

In an effort to gain our trust back they will throw several underlings under the bus and then ride off into the sunset with book deals, cable news contributor deals and whatever else they can do to maximize their profit off of the pain they caused America.

So what you have to ask yourself is what have both senior Republican and Democratic lawmakers stayed clear of and what are they not willing to do at their so-called theatrical hearings. What are they covering up because remember this isn't just about Democrats. It's about the establishment and how they protect one-another.

Why are lawmakers – both Republicans and Democrats -avoiding to call certain key players to testify at hearings? I question why these lawmakers seem to get amnesia with certain facts? Who are the people those in charge of investigating the Russia hoax are not bringing forward to question in one of the most egregious internal actions against a sitting U.S. president?

“If former Vice President and Democratic nominee Joe Biden wins, nothing will ever be done. Do you think that has weighed into what's happening inside the Justice Department?” she continued.

“So you see why these senior government officials feel they can get away with all of this? They believe they can because my friends, they have already done this in the past. This is not their first rodeo but this is the first time they've actually be caught,” she adds.

“We should not get tired of asking questions and investigating what actually happened. Do not forget, we the American people, employee these bureaucrats to follow the law and do what's right. If they broke the law they need to pay the price. It's just that simple,” Carter says.

She’s right, of course.

Read the rest here.

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