By Duncan Smith

One of the main reasons why Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016, we were told, is because Americans who swung for him were impressed with the fact that he wasn’t a politician.

That lack of political experience has actually served the country well; as president, Donald Trump acts more like the CEO of his company, keeping promises made and pursuing policies that benefit our country and our people maximally.

Politicians, on the other hand, don’t behave that way. The stick their fingers to the political winds, pay attention to focus groups more than their instincts, and essentially adopt the ‘position of the moment’, only to change it later and claim they have ‘evolved.

That’s what the Democratic ticket — Joe Biden and Kamala Harris — are doing on the issue of fracking.

Both have now flip-flopped on the issue after claiming unequivocally months ago they oppose the lucrative practice and would move to ban it.

Why have they flip-flopped?

Most likely because polls in a very crucial battleground state — Pennsylvania, where fracking is a major industry — are swinging more towards the president.

PJ Media notes:

A week ago, Joe Biden notoriously flip-flopped on his long-held anti-fracking position while campaigning in Pennsylvania, where fracking is a major industry.

'I am not banning fracking. Let me say that again: I am not banning fracking. No matter how many times Donald Trump lies about me,' he said.

Unfortunately for him, there was ample evidence that he's promised to end fracking if elected president.

Now that polls have tightened, and Trump and Biden are now tied in the state of Pennsylvania (a crucial swing state) Kamala Harris, who also campaigned on banning fracking, has also now flip-flopped on the issue. Harris now says she's comfortable with Biden's newfound support for fracking because (wait for it!) it provides 'good-paying jobs in places like Pennsylvania.'

During her failed presidential bid, Kamala Harris promised she would ban fracking.

'There is no question I am in favor of banning fracking,' Harris said during a CNN town hall on climate change in September 2019.

So, which is it — to ban, or not to ban?

How many Pennsylvanians are willing to take the chance?

Trump, meanwhile, provides the alternative: No ban on fracking, a full embrace of fracking, and he’s proven that over the past four years.

Because he’s not a pandering politician.

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