By Duncan Smith

Scores of Americans who sought to enjoy a night out on the town Friday in cities around the country were harassed, threatened, and run off by Black Lives Matter thugs.

In Rochester, N.Y., BLM rioters invaded restaurants, smashing tables, throwing chairs and targeting white people especially.

Eleven people were arrested (only 11?) in the city, and three cops were injured.

The Epoch Times reports:

Eleven people were arrested and three officers were injured late Friday during protests and rioting in Rochester, New York, over the death of Daniel Prude.

Prude, 41, died in March from complications of asphyxia in the setting of physical restraint, according to an autopsy. Prude was taken into custody by a number of police officers in Rochester.

Video footage from the city showed a bus stop lit on fire. Another video showed demonstrators flipping over tables and smashing glass at outdoor restaurants while chanting 'Black Lives Matter.'

'We're shutting the party down,' one person who was part of the crowd shouted as diners fled from the scene.

Police officers ultimately declared an unlawful assembly, deployed crowd control munitions, and took people into custody.

Three people were charged with felony first-degree rioting, the Rochester Police Department said in news releases. Four of the 11 arrested were booked into Monroe County Jail while the others were cited. …

According to the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Joe Prude, Daniel Prude's brother, told the crowd that 'this is an unstoppable moment,' adding: 'It's time to get rid of them sons of [expletive].'

Oh, but surely the mayor, Lovely Warren (yes, that’s really her name), has her officers’ backs…right?

Wrong. She’s a riot-loving Democrat, so naturally, she suspended them. Probably had nothing to do with the fact that she’s an African American woman and BLM is a ’cause celebre’ for black people everywhere, almost as though approving of it has become a litmus test.

For the record, Michael Mazzeo, head of the Rochester police union, defended the officers.

He said they were following department protocol and training when they placed a “spit bag” over his head during his arrest, which is used to protect officers from getting coronavirus from a suspect’s saliva.

“An officer doesn't have the ability to go off-script. They have to follow protocol and do what they are trained to do. It looks like they watched training and followed it step-by-step. If there's a problem with that (training), let's change it.'

Meanwhile, in Denver…

And DC:

And never, ever forget — these are all Democrat-run cities.

If the Democrat Left isn’t Left-wing enough for these thugs, then what will the elected Democrats eventually do to accommodate the mob? 

Maybe it way past time for residents of these violent cities to stop doubling and tripling down on the political party that is literally endangering their lives on a daily basis.

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