By Duncan Smith

Is anyone in charge of New York City?

Is there a mayor? A city council? A police department?

Because based on a video posted to social media earlier this week contains frightening scenes.

Out-of-control chaos. Rioting and mayhem in the streets. Violence. People chasing victims. Complete and utter lawlessness.

The video, posted by Joel Fischer on Wednesday, was criticized as having been old footage from earlier this summer.

To which we respond, “So what?” That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

The thing is, Democrats are threatening more of this:

Frankly, that scene ought to make you sick to your stomach — that it could be happening in any American city, let alone the financial capital of the world.

On his Fox News program Monday, Tucker Carlson laid out these Democrat threats and said that essentially, the Donkeys were trying to blackmail voters into supporting Joe Biden ‘or else.’

Even the Democrats’ presidential nominee is doing the threatening, as Breitbart News reports:

Monday, during his Fox News Channel program, Tucker Carlson highlighted what he perceived to be a threat from former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, if voters reelect his opponent, President Donald Trump, on November 3.

Carlson pointed to a warning from Biden about how the present state of turmoil in America's cities would continue if Trump won, which Carlson said was a threat.


Even if that clip above is a couple months old, it did happen.

And it will happen again and again unless we keep our “law and order” president, Donald Trump, in the White House.

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