By Duncan Smith

President Trump’s post-RNC bump continues to grow as a new survey from Rasmussen Reports indicates.

Newsmax notes:

President Donald Trump's job approval rating has hit a six-month high, according to Rasmussen Reports' daily Presidential Tracking Poll released on Friday.

Rasmussen found that just over half of likely voters approve of Trump's job performance, with voters equally split on whether they strongly approve of strongly disapprove.

  • 52% in total approve of Trump.
  • 48% in total disapprove of Trump.
  • 42% strongly approve.
  • 42% strongly disapprove.

In the previous poll from Rasmussen, 50% of likely voters said they approved of Trump's performance, with 49% disapproving. The last time Rasmussen registered 52% of likely voters approving of Trump's job performance was February 27, 2020.

We should point out, again, that Rasmussen was one of the very few polling firms that correctly forecast a Trump victory over the hapless, corrupt Hillary Clinton.

With that in mind, the other polls that show his rival, Joe Biden, ahead are very likely nothing but garbage, like they were four years ago.

It seems mindboggling that anyone could believe Joe ‘Where Am I?” Biden could become an effective president.

And actually, it wouldn’t be Biden, anyway: It would be Vice President/President Kamala Harris and the Left-wing minions running the show behind the scenes.

Everywhere Trump goes to give a speech, he is still mobbed (insofar as anyone can get close to him, what with all this COVID…!).

The economy he and Republicans built is now roaring back in the same ‘V’ shape he and they predicted.

Trump is pushing law and order while Biden and Democrats refuse to condemn rioting and looting.

And the fact that the propaganda media has to put out a disgusting hit piece claiming the president called World War I soldiers and Marines who died in combat “losers” and “suckers” is proof enough they don’t believe for a minute that Biden has a taco’s chance on Rosie O’Donnell’s plate.

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