By Duncan Smith

The problem with Democrats who have long run Washington, D.C., they think it’s their city to do with as they please.

That is especially true with the current crop of Democrat city leaders, who are led by Mayor Muriel Bowser.

The mayor recently commissioned a ‘study’ to find out which monuments need to be removed, hidden away, or have ‘contextual’ information added to them because of their ties to (wait for it!) racism and slavery.

More than a century-and-a-half has passed since the ‘peculiar institution’ was abolished, via constitutional amendment, in America.

More than a half-century has gone by since the civil rights legislation was passed (legislation that many Democrats opposed at the time).

But here we are, in 2020, with Democrats and especially Democratic ‘persons of color’ claiming that nothing has changed and that for things to really change, we must deep-six our history.

Only then, we are told, can Americans who were not alive during the time of slavery or the time of institutionalized racism (which, by the way, occurred with blacks as well as Hispanic, Irish, German, and Italian immigrants) ‘atone’ for those days long past.

And what’s the latest way we can achieve our atonement?

By getting rid of monuments, of course.

The AP has details:

A task force commissioned by the Washington, D.C., government has recommended renaming, relocating or adding context to dozens of monuments, schools, parks and buildings because of their namesakes’ participation in slavery or racial oppression. Among the targets are the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial.

Some of the proposals in the report released Tuesday are definite non-starters, as many of the most prominent monuments and statues stand on federal land, outside D.C. government control. Still, the recommendations have already prompted fierce reactions amid an ongoing national debate over America's racial history.

See? Even the AP and all other ‘mainstream media’ just can’t get off parroting the ‘America’s racial history’ BS.

Because America has a lot of other history as well, including having adopted a ‘revolutionary’ form of government (at the time) that allowed us to right wrongs and injustices.

Besides, there’s this: Washington, D.C., doesn’t belong to Murial Bowser or the Democratic Party.

It belongs to all Americans. It’s the capital of all of America, not just Democrat America.

As long as President Trump is in the White House, the mayor's irresponsible recommendations will go absolutely nowhere, and as the mayor of our Nation's capital city — a city that belongs to the American people — she ought to be ashamed for even suggesting them for consideration,' White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said in a statement Tuesday.

Yes, she ought to be. But she won’t be. Bowser seems to be ashamed of being an American.

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