By Duncan Smith

Because she is a Democrat, Sen. Kamala Harris is automatically a hypocrite.

And because she is a hypocrite and in politics, she’s also a disgusting opportunist.

Earlier this summer as riots raged around the country and tens of millions of innocent Americans were injured, their livelihoods destroyed, and their homes disrupted, there was Harris raising money to bail out the criminals who were doing the rioting, looting, and physical assaults.

Now, suddenly, she’s against rioting.

She, and that clueless guy she’s running whose job she will assume if they win, Joe Biden, must have seen recent polling data showing massive shifts in support for President Donald Trump, who has been calling for “law and order” for months as U.S. cities burned.

Red State ‘s Nick Arama reports:

But if you'll notice, there was something very missing in her condemnation, just as there was in Joe Biden's 'condemnation': they didn't condemn the people behind the violence and once again they try to blame Trump and not the leftists who have been rioting.

Now this would be challenging for Harris and Biden, given their prior stances, embracing the 'peaceful protests' and the BLM as recently as their convention.

They're only taking this weak stance against 'violence' now because the polls show they're tanking with voters because of the riots.

I wrote a story on Sunday, reminding everyone about Sen. Kamala Harris' support for the 'protesters.'

Not only did she threaten, with a smile, that the 'protests' would not stop, she indicated that they would go on until the election on Stephen Colbert's show. 'They're not going to stop,' she said, broadly smiling. 'Everyone beware. They're not going to stop before Election Day in November.'

So in the span of a few days we went from ‘Oh, the riots are going to continue…and they should!” to, ‘Riots are bad, please stop!’

Unreal that it takes a poll for these people, these Democrats, to stand up against a real injustice.

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