By Duncan Smith

Perhaps you’ve seen her viral campaign ad by now: Bombshell Kim Klacik strutting through some of the most dismal parts of Baltimore wearing a power-red dress and matching high heels.

The campaign ad is about three minutes’ worth of in-your-face reality for the Democrats who have long run the city, and watched it from afar as black communities crumbled and lapsed into poverty, violence, and crime.

She wants to change that…as a Republican.

Because what they’ve been getting from Democrats is nothing.

Check it out:

Does she have a shot?

Maybe. According to her, more blacks are warming to President Donald Trump and to the GOP message overall.

She was a guest on Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo’s program Sunday to talk about how the Republican message — how Trump’s message — of positivity, growth, jobs, and opportunity is beginning to resonate with more blacks.

Watch, via Fox News.

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