By Randy Tate

UFC boss Dana White does what he wants — and he wants to support President Trump, openly and publicly.

And why not? The two have known each other for years and have been good friends.

So now that White has been given the opportunity to praise the president during the Republican National Convention, he’s going to do so.

And really, given the RNC’s dramatically higher viewership numbers compared to the DNC last week, what a great way to advertise his fight league.

Fox News reports:

White, a longtime friend and supporter of Trump, told reporters on Tuesday that he isn't phased by the inevitable criticism he'll receive when he speaks at the convention in Washington alongside Ivanka Trump, Rudy Giuliani and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

'That s–t doesn't bother me,' White said, according to MMA Junkie. 'Listen, this is America. Everybody has their own opinions and their own choices. I know that sometimes people go after you because of whatever, but everybody knows me. Everybody knows what I'm about, and you know.'

White previously spoke for Trump at the convention in 2016 and most recently at a rally in Colorado back in February.

'I don't care what people think of me or what they think,' White said. 'The people that know me know who I am and know what I'm about. Other than that, I [couldn't] care less.'

He said, 'There's tons of guys that hate Trump, whether it's celebrities or whatever, and I'm cool with all of them. We're all cool.'

We’re cool with Trump and definitely with White and the UFC.

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