By Duncan Smith

Three things are patently obvious by now regarding the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • The ‘death’ figures have been exaggerated
  • The ‘positive cases’ figures have been exaggerated
  • Democrats continue to use the virus as an excuse to tank the economy to hurt President Trump

In fact, Democratic mayors and governors use the first two in order to justify the last.

Only, their actions aren’t punishing Donald Trump and are never likely to.

But they are hurting mom-and-pop shops and local business owners who have been ‘forbidden’ from earning a living for so long they’re going to lose them. And they’re not coming back.

A new survey of business owners finds that in our current climate of COVID fear, 20 percent of businesses are going to close and they’re never coming back.

The Daily Caller reports:

When asked how long they will be able to operate their business under current economic conditions, 21% of respondents said they could remain open for six months or less. An additional 19% reported that they could stay open between seven and 12 months, and 61% said that they could remain open for more than a year.

The survey was conducted Aug. 17-18, polled a random sample of 20,000 small business owners from the NFIB's membership base of 300,000 business owners and collected 562 responses in all.

Around half of the respondents said that they didn't expect their communities to return to normal levels of economic activity until 2021, and one in five thought that economic activity wouldn't return to normal until 2022, according to the NFIB poll.

Meanwhile, as if the mandatory closures weren’t bad enough, scores of business owners are also concerned they’ll be held legally liable if they reopen and someone catches the virus after visiting their shops or stores:

Of those polled, 55% of small business owners said they were concerned about the threat of legal action against their business related to coronavirus and 21% said legal action was a 'serious concern.'

'The health crisis is not impacting small businesses equally,' said NFIB director of research and policy analysis Holly Wade, according to The Hill. 'Many of them still need more financial assistance just to keep their doors open and staff on payroll.'

Democrats don’t care whether Americans make it through coronavirus and the resultant policy stupidity or not, so long as they can pin it all on Trump and defeat him in November.

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