By Duncan Smith

Yes, it was just a formality, but like flat-earthers who have to be refuted constantly, those who predicted that Donald Trump wouldn’t be around for a second term have just had their predictions vanquished.

The Epoch Times reports:

President Donald Trump was officially nominated as president for a second term Monday during the GOP convention, easily securing enough delegates to move forward.

Trump ran mostly unopposed for the nomination, and it was announced following a roll-call at the party's convention site in Charlotte.

In an address in Charlotte, Trump said Democratic officials will try to rig the election in November, saying that it's the only way former Vice President Joe Biden could win.

'The only way they can take this election away from us if its a rigged election,' Trump said. 'We're going to win this election.'

The Republican National Convention kicked off Monday and will run until Thursday when the president will make his highly anticipated acceptance speech.

'Donald Trump will defend our fundamental freedoms, preserve our American way of life, and work day and night to build our economy back to the historic levels of growth,' Ronna Romney McDaniel, the head of the Republican National Committee, said Monday during the event.

Earlier, Vice President Mike Pence was formally nominated by former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, an early GOP presidential contender in 2016.

'Joe Biden and the Democratic party have been taken over by the radical left,' Pence said in Charlotte, adding that they will raise taxes, provide 'abortion on demand,' and allowed unfettered immigration.

'Today is about four more years,' Pence told the delegates. 'This week we will take our case to the American people.'

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