By Duncan Smith

Black Lives Matter supporters and other anarchist thugs began rioting and looting in Kenosha, Wis., overnight following a shooting involving three white police officers and a black suspect.

As you’ll see in the video, it appears as though the black suspect, identified as Jacob Blake, is failing to follow the officers’ commands.

At one point he simply walks away from them, opens his driver’s side door, and appears to reach in for something.

Officers apparently believed he may have been reaching for a weapon.

Graphic video:

We don’t know what the circumstances are, why the officers decided to fire, or much about the suspect’s actions before they arrived.

What we do know is that a lot of other innocent people were harmed, physically or financially, overnight, especially taxpayers.

Take a look at this chaos:

(Question: How does a large pile of concrete magically appear ahead of a riot?)

By all means, let’s destroy the library because that’ll help.

But things got scary too. Some residents armed themselves and thought they were going to take on police officers. Or something.

Not cool.

And here’s what a business owner had to face earlier this morning — for doing nothing wrong.

A car dealership also went up in flames.

Notes PJ Media, presciently:

This horrific violence, looting, and arson do not help the cause of justice or police reform. Rather, these heinous attacks illustrate why police are necessary to protect law-abiding citizens from this mayhem. It remains unclear whether the shooting of Jacob Blake was justified and Americans would be wise to refrain from leaping to conclusions. But these acts of violence, looting, and arson are horrific and deserve immediate condemnation. As of Monday morning, Evers has not condemned the rioting.

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