By Duncan Smith

Ohio GOP Rep. Jim Jordan went on Trump-hating Neil Cavuto’s Fox News program Saturday to school the host and the public about the Democrats’ tinfoil hat conspiracy that the president is attempting to thwart mail-in balloting.

It’s the latest hoax but it resembles the Russiagate fiction in that Democrats claim President Trump is trying to ‘steal’ the election (again).

Jordan made these things clear, as noted by The Gateway Pundit:

** The real concern is sending out live ballots in states that have NEVER done this before
** The Chair of the Oversight Committee, Carolyn Maloney, her election was on June 23rd but it took six weeks to determine the winner!
** This is not about the postal service, it's about politics
** The postal service has $14 billion cash on hand and a $10 billion line of credit
** The postal service is making more money right now than they were at the same point last year
** Every Post Master General has taken out some sorting machines and taken out some mailboxes
** Between 2011 and 2016 President Obama removed 12,000 mail collection boxes
** This is the latest effort of Democrats going after the president
** IT'S NOT TRUE that President Trump is defunding the Postal Service


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