By Randy Tate

If you listen to Democrats long enough, they’re really not shy about telling you their plans for taking power any way they can.

And one way they’re planning to do so is by ending the historic ‘filibuster’ rule in the Senate, which has made Congress’ upper chamber, historically, the most deliberative.

Under the filibuster rule, 60 votes are needed to advance most legislation.

It used to be that 60 votes were needed to approve a president’s nominees to the federal judiciary and Supreme Court, but Democrats and Republicans got rid of the rule for both, respectively, in recent years.

And the filibuster is just that, a rule — it’s not a constitutional requirement for the function of the Senate.

But it’s been in place since 1837, when senators decided that in order to give the minority party some power, a 60-vote threshold would be used.

In today’s hyper-partisan world (thanks mostly to Democrats) however, almost nothing gets approved under the rule because the chamber’s 53-47 makeup of majority Republicans to Democrats makes it impossible to reach 60 votes.

Republicans thus far have resisted ending the rule but Democrats are planning to do it if they win a majority in November.

So they can push through their agenda.

Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York has told us as much.

The Daily Caller reports:

Minority Leader Chuck Schumer left the fate of the filibuster up in the air Thursday, saying that Democrats would 'do what it takes' to advance their agenda should Democratic nominee Joe Biden win the presidency and the party retake the Senate majority.

Schumer said that his party has a 'moral imperative' to fulfill its promises made to the American people during a radio interview with 'The Joe Madison Show.'

'We have a moral imperative to the people of America to get a whole lot done, if we get the majority, which God-willing we will, and keep it in the House, and Biden becomes President, nothing is off the table,' Schumer said during the interview.

'We will do what it takes to get this done. I'm hopeful, maybe if Trump goes and McConnell is leader no longer, some Republicans might work with us. But we're going to have to get it done whether they work with us or not.'

Democrats have political imperatives, not moral ones because they belong to an immoral party that embraces the worst behaviors and ideologies. And they will subject the country to all of them if they ever get enough power. Bank on it.

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