By Duncan Smith

Well, if you had any lingering doubts that the Democratic Party and their supporters viscerally hate America, their country too — Fox News’ Tucker Carlson will dispel them for you.

In his opening monologue Wednesday, Carlson expertly exposed the hatred by going through events and ‘highlights’ of the Democratic National Convention, which is set to nominate the hapless, forgetful, and angry bigot Joe Biden.

It’s pretty sad to see, frankly, but it is very instructive and so very important for as many Americans to see as possible as we get set to choose the direction of our country in a few short months.

Do we want to continue along the path of strength and prosperity (pre-COVID, and that’s another subject all by itself), or return to the dismal days of quasi-socialism under Barack Obama that will get much worse when the Socialists and Marxists who are really running Biden’s campaign run his White House?

The answer will be easy (or should be) after listening to Tucker lay it all out and expose these America haters.


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