By Randy Tate

The Democrat Party is being taken over by a gaggle of Communists, Stalinists, Marxists, and Socialists and if anyone doubts that, then just listen to the party’s far-Left lunacy.

Free this, free that, nobody (but ‘the rich’) has to pay for anything, and while we’re at it, let’s completely destroy our society by getting rid of police departments.

In a column for The Daily Caller, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) warns Americans that voting for Democrats is literally voting against public safety, law and order, and the civil society.

He writes:

The Democrats held their convention in Milwaukee, which is fitting. Milwaukee is a Democrat-controlled city where local leaders catered to the violent mob and voted to defund their police department by 10% in next year's city budget.

Ahead of the convention, more than 100 police agencies pulled out of agreements to provide security for the event, citing an order that would hamstring law enforcement's ability to protect themselves. And who would blame them? For more than 12 weeks, cities run by local Democrat officials have been subject to violent riots that left police cars firebombed, police officers assaulted and killed, and businesses burned to the ground.

Legitimate, peaceful protests against police brutality and for equal justice have their rightful place in our public dialogue. Every American has the right to speak and exercise his or her First Amendment rights. But for three months, these demonstrations have been hijacked by Antifa and other anti-American anarchists who hate our country, hate law enforcement, and want to sow division. Nowhere have these criminals been more empowered to engage in violence than in major U.S. cities, where Democrats have a stronghold. …

Catering to the violent mob puts every American life at risk — including those individuals who freely exercise their First Amendment rights or serve in law enforcement. 

To fail to tell the truth about the valuable role law enforcement plays in American cities is moral and political malpractice. Are there law enforcement officers who violate the law? Yes, and when they do they should be prosecuted. But to impugn the integrity of everyone working in law enforcement — like the Democrats do — is a disservice to this country.

So when will Democrats speak up? Will they condemn these radical calls? Will they stand with the brave men and women of law enforcement who risk life and limb to protect our communities?

I wouldn't count on it.

He’s right, of course.

Democrats hate our country as founded — but not really the ‘slavery’ or ‘colonization’ parts. They use those issues as cover.

They hate the fact that our founders wrote and adopted a Constitution that recognizes and protects our God-given individual rights and freedoms.

Because in reality, the Democrat Left aren’t about liberty. They are about authoritarianism and control.

Destroying our society by getting rid of its protectors will allow them to ‘rebuild’ the real society they want — one that controls everyone and everything.

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