By Randy Tate

It used to be the Left-wing teacher’s unions fought tooth and nail to keep American kids in classrooms for as long and as often as possible.

After all, the more access Marxist indoctrinators have to kids, the most they can be inculcated with anti-American ideology.

But the teacher’s unions are like every other Democratic Party organ: They accept their marching orders and carry them out without hesitation.

And the Leftist order of the day is: Disrupt society as much as possible by exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic.

So that’s what they’re doing, and they don’t seem to care that they are harming an entire generation of our children and young people in the process.

The Epoch Times provides the latest example:

The College Board, the New York City-based company that administers the SAT college admissions test, announced Tuesday that 178,600 of 402,000 students who signed up to take the test on Aug. 29 will not be able to do so because nearly half of test centers have closed due to the ongoing pandemic.

SAT and SAT subject tests are typically administered in local school buildings that are designated as test centers. The College Board said 46 percent of test centers have closed, while some of the remaining 54 percent have said they are only operating at a reduced capacity.

'We know this is a challenging time for students who want to take the SAT,' Priscilla Rodriguez, the College Board's vice president of college readiness assessments, said in a statement.

'Our top priorities are the health and safety of students and educators, and we are working with test centers that need to close or need to reduce their available seats because of new safety measures,” Rodriguez added.

Sure. Even though ‘the science’ says kids aren’t coronavirus super spreaders. And even though kids throughout Europe, Asia, and Australia have been back in school for months without any problems.

If the politicization of the COVID-19 outbreak isn’t enough to convince people that Democrats are awful people who couldn’t care less about anything except obtaining and keeping power, then nothing will.

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