By Duncan Smith

Before his dad won the presidency, we didn’t know much about Donald Trump Jr.

But since then we’ve gotten to know him a lot better through his public persona, and we’re better for it.

He’s funny. He’s bright. He’s articulate. And best of all, he’s witty.

As Shutdown Democrats continue to insist it’s “too dangerous” to vote in person because of COVID-19 (I voted in person just a few weeks ago during a primary and gee, I survived!), Don Jr. nailed ’em with a huge truth bomb on Wednesday.

Via Breitbart News:

Wednesday, Trump Organization executive vice president Donald Trump, Jr., son of President Donald Trump, had a message for Democrats that decry the current elections process while also supporting the ongoing violent protests that have included looting and rioting across the country: 'If you can loot in person, you can vote in person.'

Trump argued in an interview with Fox Business Network's 'Mornings with Maria' that 'Democrats seem fine with looting in person' but questioned why they think they cannot vote in person and prefer using a system that can be manipulated. He also emphasized his and President Trump's support of the absentee voting process.

'We are fine, and my father's been very clear about being fine with absentee balloting, where one individual goes through a procedure, requests a ballot. This is a system that's worked very well in Florida and many other states, but it's tied to an individual with an actual form of identification to eliminate that fraud,” he said.

“And if you go through that process, we're 100 percent fine with that for those who don't necessarily want to go to the polling booth that day. So, it's not that we're trying to say you can't do any of it,” Jr. continued.

'If you can loot in person, you can vote in person,' he added. 'The Democrats seem fine with looting in-person part, not so much the other of way because they want to be able to do it all by mail where they can manipulate it.

“But again, we're 100 percent fine with absentee balloting. People go through the regular process. And you know that one person is getting one vote. That's the way our system is designed, and we're 100-percent fine with that.'

We’d even add, if you can go to Walmart/the grocery store/the doctor/the dentist/a bar/a protest/ or a hundred other things, you can (and should be made to) vote in person.

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