By Duncan Smith

Democrats and their media allies truly are disgusting people.

Having failed to oust President Trump from office because they don’t like the fact that he beat the pantsuit off of Crooked Hillary Clinton in 2016, they now have a singular mission in life, sans all others: Preventing his reelection.

And to do that, they truly are grasping at straws.

If you thought the ‘Russian collusion’ narrative was a hoax, it was. But now Democrats and the media have concocted another: Trump is removing USPS mailboxes and locking them up so Americans can’t vote by mail.

How absurd. And yet…far too many Americans believe it.

PJ Media has more details:

Fake news is running with the story that Trump is having mailboxes removed for nefarious purposes and they're using this photo to prove it. A fact check at USA Today reported, 'The picture — described as originating in Wisconsin — has taken off across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and elsewhere, being shared hundreds of thousands of times and viewed millions of times within a few days of the earliest posts on Aug. 14, 2020.'

The photo was taken by Reuters and one journalist is calling them out to correct the record. It's a doozy. It turns out that the facility is a refurbishing factory (that makes mailboxes great again) and the pile has been there for at least three years. Read the whole thread. Fake news is dangerous. The entire country is under the impression that the Trump administration is rounding up and imprisoning mailboxes because of this one photo taken out of context. Photojournalist Gary He did some digging and found out the truth. Read through this thread.

Meanwhile, as Twitter’s speech Nazis comb through every letter of President Trump’s tweets to ‘fact-check’ him…

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