By Duncan Smith

Because Americans generally support some taxes in order to make the country function but also like keeping more of what they earn, the vast majority polled in a new survey love President Trump’s proposed payroll tax cut.

But you won’t hear or read that in the lamestream media since it’s a ‘Trump is good’ story.

Just The News reports:

A majority of registered U.S. voters support President Trump’s recent enactment of a payroll tax cut, according to a  new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen.

Trump earlier this month announced the cut via executive order, a measure the president took as negotiations stalled between Republicans and Democrats over a new coronavirus relief package.

Asked whether they either “favor or oppose cutting the payroll taxes for all workers and businesses,” 26% of registered voters responded that they “strongly” favored it, while 26% said they “somewhat” favored it. 

Slightly over a third of respondents were opposed to the measure, with 12% being “somewhat” and 23% being “strongly” against it. 

Rasmussen noted that among voters in the poll who only “somewhat disapprove” of the president, 48 percent of them nevertheless approve of the tax cut.

“Those numbers suggest the payroll tax cut might convince some of these disapproving voters that there is a reason to vote for Trump,” he said. “In a close election, even a small gain among these voters could have a big impact.”

We’re not really sure who wouldn’t want a payroll tax cut — we have to assume that most of those who didn’t approve are just too stricken with Trump Derangement Syndrome to know what’s good for them.

But it’s clear that this president is doing all he can to provide some relief to Americans who suffered from — and are still experiencing — coronavirus shutdowns as he struggles to get as much of the country reopened as he can.

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