By Duncan Smith

The hatred for President Trump on the Left is legion, we all know that.

But we keep hoping that somehow we can reverse the brainwashing of our youth and convince them that white Trump and Republicans can be flawed (what humans aren’t?) it’s the Democrat Party that harbors some truly vile, bigoted, racist people.

Like Joe Biden.

And yet, it seems as though nothing will move many youth off their intent to vote for the imminently flawed Biden, as demonstrated by Daily Caller ‘Man on the Street’ reporter Matt Miller.

“I asked people what they thought about racist Trump quotes. But when I told them they were all actually Biden quotes they changed their tune. Is there anything Biden could say or do that would lose these peoples' vote?” he asked on Twitter after reading several racist quotes he first attributed to President Trump but later revealed they were actually Biden’s quotes.

Nearly all indicated they still supported Biden, though they don’t really like him as a choice.


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