By Duncan Smith

Just. Wow.

It’s crystal clear by now that President Donald Trump lives rent-free in the heads of most Left-wing mainstream journalists.

But perhaps none of them have become as triggered by Trump than MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski.

As she often does these days, she had another meltdown hissy fit on her little-watched program Sunday Friday over…masks…and those who refuse to wear them because they’re not frightened out of their wits about a disease that is less dangerous than the flu.

After accusing the president of being guilty of “malpractice' for not mandating social distancing at his Tulsa rally back in June and then railing at people who were there voluntarily without masks, she made it clear that she is no longer in control of her faculties.

'I want to ask you about law enforcement, whether or not they could charge someone for refusing to wear a mask…but I would like to take that further, legally. What recourse do the American people have right now when their life is in the hands of a president who won't do the basic things to save it? At what point is it malpractice? At what point is it something worse?

It got worse from there.

'I'm thinking of Tulsa, where the Trump campaign took the social distancing stickers off the chairs and squished people together and made them click on a waiver saying you can't sue if you get the coronavirus and die for coming to this rally,' an increasingly hysterical Mika shrieked.

'How stupid can you be, at this point, if you follow this president? I beg you not to be, for your life!' she wailed.

'Is there any legal recourse if you get this virus because of the stupidity of this president?' Mika added.

The only ‘stupid’ going on here is coming out of Mika’s mouth.

If people haven’t realized by now that COVID-19 has been co-opted and politicized by the Left for the purposes of attacking Donald Trump and his administration — based entirely on the fact that this virus isn’t a world-ending disease — then they never will.

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