By Duncan Smith

This story will provide further evidence that the people of Chicago continue to elect morons to represent them, and lo and behold, they’re all from one party: The Democrat Party.

Remember when we were all told that coronavirus was going to destroy the planet (even when we already knew it wouldn’t because it’s just a coronavirus and there’s been several of those already)?

Well, the idiots in the Windy City led by Mayor Lori ‘You Can Protest But You Can’t Go to the Beach’ Lightfoot spent big bucks to build a COVID-19 treatment facility that was barely used.

The Daily Wire has more:

Chicago taxpayers spent $66 million renovating a convention center into an emergency coronavirus hospital that ended up only treating 38 patients. Further, the contract to renovate the facility went to a politically connected company instead of one that said it would waive fees or donate such money to coronavirus relief organizations.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported Friday that top aides to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot defended the decision to spend $1.7 million per patient on the renovations, calling it an 'insurance policy' for the unfounded fear that Chicago's hospitals would be overwhelmed with coronavirus patients. Samir Mayekar, deputy mayor for economic and neighborhood development, told the outlet that he was 'incredibly proud of' the converted facility, adding that the millions of dollars in taxpayer money was 'not spent in vain.'

Taxpayers stuck with the bill may see things differently. The contract for the renovations was awarded to a politically connected company called Walsh Construction after a short search. The project was initiated with the federal government and the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority, the Sun-Times reported. A city-state governmental body called McPier – which runs the convention center and owns a firm called Navy Pier – made the decision to hire Walsh, even though it had received just hours earlier proposals from three other construction companies. The Sun-Times found:

  • McPier solicited proposals from three giants in construction: Walsh, Pepper Construction and Power Construction Company. And it hired Walsh even though Power said it either would forgo any fees or donate them to pandemic relief because it didn't want to profit from the pandemic. Walsh charged $65.9 million, including more than $5.1 million in fees, records show.
  • An official with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers — which hired McPier to build the facility, for which the federal government is covering at least 75 percent of the costs — said in internal emails that Power or Pepper was the best choice. But that decision was left to McPier, which picked Walsh, saying its rates were not 'significantly different' than the others and that it 'had the most experience . . . working with the [Army Corps] and working on emergency projects.'

Further, the day before Walsh was selected, the chief executive officer of Navy Pier Inc, Marilyn Kelly Gardner, emailed McPier's chief executive officer Larita Clark to bolster Walsh as the choice. This is notable because Navy Pier has ties to former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley. Daley's daughter is also on the board of Navy Pier.

Meanwhile, the Magnificent Mile was just looted, black lives increasingly don’t matter in a widening portion of the city, and it’s not likely that Shutdown Democrats are going to relinquish their authoritarian grip on citizens anytime soon.

What a wonderful place Chicago could be if it was under Republican management.

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