By Randy Tate

What happened to Michael Flynn — sorry, what Barack Obama and his minions did to Michael Flynn — is an unmitigated outrage.

But apparently, the injustice surrounding his case is worse than most Americans know.

As has been reported, the Justice Department has been trying to dismiss its case against Flynn based on massive exculpatory evidence including the fact that James Comey’s FBI tried to entrap Flynn though he’d done nothing wrong.

There’s more to the story, though.

The Washington Times reports that Attorney General William Barr wanted to drop the case based on the FBI’s conduct as well as other “secret” evidence that we’ve yet to hear about.

The Times:

A top Justice Department lawyer said Tuesday that there is even more to the Michael Flynn legal saga than what has been disclosed to the public.

In oral arguments before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, acting Solicitor General Jeffrey Wall said the Justice Department's decision to drop the Flynn case was based partly on secret evidence.

'The attorney general based that decision or that judgment on the basis of lots of information, some of it is public and fleshed out in the motion and some of it is not,' Mr. Wall told the court.

In the courtroom Tuesday, Mr. Wall suggested that additional materials may have been uncovered but did not say whether the documents may ever be unsealed.

'It may be possible that the attorney general had before him information that he was not able to share with the court and so what we put in front of the court were the reasons that we could, but it may not be the whole picture available to the executive branch,' Mr. Wall said.

The nonpublic information has been uncovered through other investigations, Mr. Wall said without elaborating.

'The attorney general sees this in the context of nonpublic information from other investigations,' he said.

This is ridiculous. That the DoJ even has to go to an appeals court to get a lower court judge to drop a case is practically unheard of.

And were it not for Donald Trump being in the White House, this wouldn’t be happening, either.

An innocent man has had his life ruined by political sycophants and hacks who broke the law to entrap him. They need to be held accountable.

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