By Duncan Smith

Don’t look now, but the Shutdown Democrat governors around the country are whining that they can’t afford to pay their share of a 75-25 percent unemployment benefits split as outlined in President Trump’s recent executive order extending benefits.

Republican governors, meanwhile, are stepping up and are prepared to fill the void to keep their citizens going until the economy fully reopens.

Which, if Democrat governors have their way, won’t happen anytime soon because muh coronavirus.

The Epoch Times reports:

Governors across the country are asking President Donald Trump or federal lawmakers to step in and completely fund enhanced unemployment benefits, including some members of Trump's party.

The Republican signed an executive order over the weekend resuming additional payments for the unemployed, but mandated that states pony up a quarter of the funds.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said this week that their states cannot afford the 75-25 percent split. All are Democrats, but some Republicans are raising concerns as well.

GOP Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves told reporters during an Aug. 10 press conference that the state's unemployment fund has $489 million left. The state would approximately double its current $22 million per week outlay if it followed Trump's plan, effectively draining it in 10 weeks.

Reeves nevertheless praised the president while calling on Congress to step up and do its share (which didn’t happen…which led to Trump’s EO in the first place).

'The president has done his part. Now I hope the Congress will do theirs,' he said.

And to the Shutdown Democrats:

'On the 25 percent, that's coming from money we already gave the states. So this is effectively 100 percent paid for by the federal government,' Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in an appearance on 'Fox News Sunday.'

GOP Gov. Asa Hutchison of Arkansas also put the onus on Congress.

'The best solution is for Congress to reach an agreement that we can have the continued ability to provide the unemployment compensation at some level of increased support,” he said.

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice, a Republican, also said his state will step up.

'Hands down, period, West Virginia is going to pay it. We do so very willingly,' he said.

'I believe that the federal government will eventually reverse their stance on that and that they will pay the full 100 percent in the end,' he added. 'But we've got the money set aside to make it work either way.'

What a difference ‘open the economy’ Republicans will make in reviving our economy after pointlessly shutting it down.

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