By Duncan Smith

President Trump is a quick learner, and he’s gotten pretty good at playing Democrats’ games in Washington, D.C.

The Donkey Party loves to put the president and Republicans in politically impossible situations, and frankly, they’re pretty good at it.

But the president is no slouch either, as he proved over the weekend with a series of executive orders aimed at providing Americans with more coronavirus relief.

Included: A payroll tax cut holiday through the end of the year, a prohibition on evictions, $400 per week for unemployed workers, and student loan relief.

All good things for Americans.

Another good thing: Trump says his actions are legal and constitutional.

So, what do the Democrats do? All they can do is go along or sue the president to stop his relief — which means, Democrats will have to litigate against giving Americans relief benefits.

What a lousy position to be in, politically speaking.

In an interview with that partisan Left-wing hack Chuck Todd, Sen. Dick Durban (D-Ill.) summed up the position the president put them in when Todd asked if the Dem-controlled House would take Trump to court.

'This is a moral dilemma,' Durbin responded. 'We want unemployed people to receive benefits. We never wanted them cut off at all. So I'm not going to suggest that we run out to court at this point. I think some will. There will be some challenges.'

'This country club fix suggested by the president is going to be a cut in the unemployment benefits for 30 million Americans,' Durbin contended. 'It's either going to be cut from $600 to $400 or from $600 to zero where it is right now if the president's executive orders don't stand.'

Translation: Democrats are going to be ravaged by Americans if they challenge the president on this.

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