By Duncan Smith

Democrats really are elitist snobs and hypocrites, as Bill Clinton’s Labor Secretary Robert Reich has once again proven.

During President Obama’s final year in office, his administration issued new housing rules aimed at moving Section 8 housing units into middle- and upper-class neighborhoods with the goal of making them less white and less Republican.

Never mind what subsidized housing would do to the value of the homes in those neighborhoods.

And never mind that Americans of all colors who live in those neighborhoods move there to get away from the crime, drug use, and other problems inherent to Section 8 ‘housing.’

While President Trump ended the Obama-era rule, Reich is busy working to keep ‘those people’ out of his ritzy neighborhood — the ol’ “NIMBY” attitude Democrats often adopt: “Not In My Back Yard.”

Breitbart News has more details:

Reich's hidden identity as a 'NIMBY' — Not In My Back Yard — was revealed when emails surfaced to the Landmark Preservation Commission regarding the fate of the Payson House in Berkeley, California.

The email also came to light as the Trump administration repealed a regulation put in place by former President Barack Obama to diversify neighborhoods — mainly more affluent suburbs with single-family homes — by incorporating low-income housing.

Reich said in his email:

My wife and I moved into our house at 1230 Bonita Avenue, two doors down from the Payson House, fourteen years ago. One reason we moved into the area was the abundance of older homes dating from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, offering the charm of an older era of Berkeley, along with the lovely Codornices Creek that runs through the neighborhood.

The character of the neighborhood is anchored by the Payson House, built in 1889 and the oldest in the area, and by the old live oaks surrounding it. We walk past it every day. We were frankly appalled to learn that the new owner of the Payson House was planning to tear it down, and already had illegally cut down two of the oak trees in order to squeeze ten units onto the lot. It is no small irony that the original owner of the house, William Payson, was a political reformer who fought against the illegal practices and corrupt politics of the late nineteenth century.

Reich urged the commission to make the Payson House a historic landmark to prevent its removal and replacement.

'Development for the sake of development makes no sense when it imposes social costs like this,' the letter concludes.

Tim Worstall, a senior fellow at the Adam Smith Institute in London, wrote a blog about Reich on the Expunct website:

The reaction of Professor Reich, that vanguard of the liberal polity? No way in Hell can anyone be allowed to disturb my Elysium.

It's fine that other people who have worked for their money get it taxed away at my urging. It's entirely justified that other people must pay higher wages just because I say so. But the mere idea that someone might adapt their own property in order to house more people? No, we must use the law to prevent them so as to defend what is mine.

Reich is no different than any other rich Democrat elitist: A massive hypocrite.

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