By Randy Tate

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich discussed the sad state of American primary education Friday on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle,” telling host Laura Ingraham that thanks to the Left’s takeover of schools, generations of kids have been dumbed down.

After Ingraham said that Marxist school curriculum was being employed to void grammar and American history in its proper context, Gingrich said three generations of students have been indoctrinated with groupthink.

'I think what you're seeing is the dumbing down of America for three generations, you're seeing left-wing indoctrination and literally groupthink,' he said.

'I do a podcast, and I talk about shut your mouth. There's an entire series on where the left has told us, say what they want or else. I really think the time has come to take back the schools and to take back the universities. And I think that a lot of governors, frankly, aren't doing their job when they allow public universities to be run by people who are radically anti-American.

'So, this is a very dangerous moment in our history,' Gingrich continued. 'We are not going to compete with China if we insist on having schools where the unions won't teach and what they teach isn't true. And for example, in Baltimore … not a single student could pass the state exam.'

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