By Duncan Smith

Before the Chinese unleashed COVID-19 on the world and our deep state managed to parlay the pandemic into a political opportunity to take control over the majority of Americans, President Trump, with help from Republicans in Congress, managed to build the greatest economy our country has seen in 50 years.

As coronavirus became a thing, however, the Left took full advantage of politicizing it.

Tens of millions of Americans have been propagandized and brainwashed into believing we’re all a breath away from being wiped out — despite the science behind the outbreak telling us that 99.99 percent of us are going to be just fine.

More Americans are catching on every day that they’ve been generally lied to about the virus.

They are demanding that states and cities reopen so they can get back to work.

And in many parts of the country, that’s exactly what’s happening: The great reopening.

The economy is beginning to revitalize, though that’s the last thing that Shutdown Democrats want ahead of the November elections.

So, they’ll keep doing what they do — push for businesses, schools, and churches to remain closed (while letting violent protesters run amok).

But that may not be enough because according to the most recent job figures, Trump’s economy roaring back, just like he said it would

The Epoch Times has the details:

The U.S. economy added 1.763 million jobs in July, bringing the unemployment rate down to 10.2 percent and reflecting the continued resumption of economic activity after COVID-19 shutdowns.

The Department of Labor said in its closely-watched 'nonfarm payrolls' report released Friday that the vast majority of the job gains occurred in the services sector, which accounted for 1.72 million, while manufacturing added just 26,000 jobs. Economists polled by data provider FactSet had predicted the economy would add 1.6 million jobs.

While a better-than-expected number, July's job gains fell far short of June's 4.8 million increase and May's 2.7 million gain, and indicates that only around 40 percent of the jobs lost due to pandemic-driven shutdowns have come back. It also reflects a slowing dynamic in the labor market recovery last month amid rising cases of COVID-19 infections in parts of the country.

Shutdown Democrats know the only prayer they have of taking the White House and the Senate is to keep our economy largely shut down.

Because when we’re ‘allowed’ to go back to work, Americans are flooding back into the job market.

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