By Duncan Smith

COVID-19 lockdowns, which are still being pushed by Shutdown Democrats in their ongoing effort to keep the economy from fully recovering before the November elections, have cost our country more than just money.

They are literally costing lives.

Writing at The Blaze, Daniel Horowitz laid out the devastating effects of policies that, for the first time, required healthy people to ‘shelter in place’ rather than isolate the sick and vulnerable:

On July 30, the Bureau of Economic Analysis released the GDP numbers for second quarter and revealed that the economy had contracted by an unfathomable 32.9%. This number shocks the conciseness and blows out the worst quarter of the Great Depression, yet the announcement barely stayed in the news cycle beyond a few hours. But behind that loss of money is a loss of life that few are trying to quantify and balance against the policies that have induced this misery.

In May, four professors with backgrounds ranging from medicine to economics attempted to quantify the number of lives lost from the devastation of the lockdown itself – something our government failed to simulate when it embarked on this novel policy. They used a formula based on government data assuming one life lost from suicide, alcohol or drug abuse, or stress-induced illnesses per $17 million of economy productivity lost. Now that we have hard data of GDP losses, I wanted to revisit those numbers.

According to BEA, the current?dollar GDP decreased by $2.15 trillion in the second quarter and by $186.3 billion in the first quarter, primarily in the final days of March. …

Using their formula of one life lost per $17 million in decreased economic productivity, that would equal roughly 137,000 lives lost just from the drop in economic activity through June. Those numbers have likely grown by tens of thousands over the past five weeks, and based on the trajectory of our existing problems, will continue for months on end. In other words, the death toll just from the economic stress alone (not to mention the delayed health care) will be more than the eventual excess deaths from COVID-19.

Has it all been worth it? Well, to Democrats — especially those continuing to push for economic shutdowns, school closures, and other societal disrupters — the answer is a resounding yes.

Remember this when you vote in a few months.

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