By Duncan Smith

As much as Democrats have attempted to portray President Donald Trump as the second coming of racist-segregationist George Wallace, the truth is this president is about as colorblind as it gets.

By comparison, Democrats are about to nominate a guy who can’t remember anything, can’t carry on a conversation, and has a long, extensive history of saying racist things.

That said, for some reason most blacks have supported the Democrat Party for decades, despite its perpetuation and defense of slavery, the Confederacy, the KKK, and Jim Crow laws.

But love for Democrats is running out among younger blacks, who are either turning away from the party for good or have simply become disillusioned with it.

Researchers David C. Barker and Sam Fullwood III have just completed a survey that should make Democrats tremble:

Our new survey of 1,215 African Americans in battleground states – Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, North Carolina and Georgia – reveals that while those over 60 remain among the most reliable of Democratic voters, and those between 40-59 are still pretty locked in as well, those under 30 (whom we oversampled to comprise half of our sample) are anything but.

Only 47% of those Black Americans under 30 years old that we surveyed plan to vote for the presumed Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden. That's roughly the same percentage who have anything positive to say when asked what 'one or two words come to mind' about the former vice president.

Cathy Cohen, a professor of political science at the University of Chicago who studies Black youths' political views, summed up this attitude in a recent podcast: 'They've seen the election of Black mayors, they've seen the election of the first Black president, and they've also seen that their lives have not changed.' …

Only 47% of them say that the party is welcoming to Black Americans, and only 43% say they trust Democrats in Congress to do what's best for the Black community. Perhaps most strikingly, unlike their older counterparts, only half of those under 30 view the Democrats as any better than the Republicans on these scores.

Truth is, these voters are there for the Republicans’ taking.

And Trump can help lead them to the GOP for good, just by touting his accomplishments.

More money to historically black colleges.

Criminal justice reform even Obama wouldn’t sign.

Pardoning a black grandmother convicted for life on a minor drug charge.

And so on.

Democrats haven’t done squat for blacks except lie to them and try to cover up their party’s unbelievably racist history.

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