By Duncan Smith

By now, most conservatives know that coronavirus test positives and the ‘official’ death count have both been horribly manipulated.

Without question, COVID-19 has become the most politicized outbreak the United States has ever experienced.

But that’s because the derangement ‘the establishment’ has regarding Donald Trump’s presidency grows worse by the minute.

Now, we have learned that coronavirus unemployment numbers are also being made to look worse than they really are — because we’ve got a presidential election in a few months and Democrats are about to nominate a blithering idiot who can’t even speak clearly anymore (no, not Nancy Pelosi).

Fox Business informs us about this “data quirk“:

Figures for weekly job losses caused by COVID-19 are being inflated by adjustments the government uses in a normal year to smooth out seasonal factors and show broader growth patterns, according to one investment adviser.

While Labor Department reports show more than 54 million Americans have filed for first-time unemployment benefits since stay-at-home orders were issued in mid-March, that number is inflated by 3.7 million due to seasonal abnormalities related to COVID-19, meaning total first-time filings should be 50.3 million, David Eichhorn, president and head of investment strategies at St. Louis-based NISA Investment Advisors, told FOX Business.

'Ignore what is typically the headline number and look at actual [continuing] claims until we get back to more normal flows in employment,' Eichhorn said. The U.S. Department of Labor did not respond to FOX Business' multiple requests for comment on the numbers. …

While the number of initial jobless claims are overstated because of the seasonal adjustments, continuing claims, which were more than 17 million last week, are coincidentally 'close enough' to their real number due to the way things have netted out, said Eichorn, who believes that’s the number to watch to 'until we get back to normal business-cycle job gains and losses.'

Just unbelievable what Democrats are willing to do to win back power (remember that 95 percent or more of the federal bureaucracy — and certainly mid-to-upper management — all vote for that party).

They are even willing to tank the country to do it. Despicable.

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