By Randy Tate

A New York City nurse who risked it all serving on the front lines treating patients with COVID-19 is blasting cowardly Left-wing teachers for whining about not wanting to go back to in-class instruction during the ongoing pandemic.

Her message is, essentially, if healthcare workers and grocery clerks are considered “essential,” then school teachers are too and need to “do their jobs.”

Kristen McConnell, a New York nurse and writer, demanded to know in a piece for The Atlantic “why teachers should not have to go back to work at the very schools our government — and the teachers from those schools — have long claimed are essential to keeping our society functioning,” The Blaze noted.

The outlet continued:

She began by noting that her husband is a New York City public-school teacher who is adamantly against a teacher strike and “understands on a deep, personal level his duty to serve his country in the classroom.” He knows, McConnell wrote, that she, as a nurse caring for COVID-19 victims, had a role fill for the nation’s well-being and that he also has a similar role to play…

‘We have two young children, one of whom is developmentally disabled, and I’m an intensive-care nurse. Through the spring, I took care of COVID-19 patients at the hospital while he toggled between teaching on Zoom and helping our daughters through their own lessons. He knows that I did my part for society, and that now he should, too.’

McConnell went on to explain that she supports teacher-led efforts to make sure safety measures are put in place by the districts and that states or cities with spikes in cases should keep schools closed for now — along with indoor businesses. But what she refuses to support, she said, is making threats to hold “safety strikes” the way the American Federation of Teachers did last week.

According to McConnell, the strike threats “run counter to the fact that, by and large, school districts are already fine-tuning social-distancing measures and mandating mask-wearing.” These measures, she noted, are effective — which is why she and her fellow nurses practice them daily.

McConnell further states that teachers just need to suck it up, get back into the classrooms, and understand that the vast majority of them (and students) won’t get coronavirus or if they do, they won’t have any symptoms or very serious symptoms (teachers with preexisting health conditions are the exception, of course, as the science has told us).

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