By Duncan Smith

If you’ve been paying much attention at all to many of the ‘defund the police’ protests, you’ve no doubt seen quite a few white faces at them.

In fact, in Left-wing cities like Portland, nearly all of these ‘get rid of the cops’ anarchists are palefaces.

Talk about ‘white privilege.’ How many of these ‘revolutionaries’ actually live in high-crime areas of the country?

Answer: Precious few.

But black people and other persons of color do have to live in them.

And most of them want police, as indicated in a new survey.

The Epoch Times has the details:

New polling data released on Wednesday found that 61 percent of [African] Americans surveyed want the police presence in their area to remain the same. Meanwhile, 20 percent of African Americans say they prefer police to spend more time in their area, while 19 percent say they prefer less time was spent.

The results come amid a time when tensions between the African American community and law enforcement have been highlighted following the death of George Floyd, an African American who died while in Minneapolis police custody in late May. Floyd's death sparked national protests and riots calling for police reform and a change in criminal justice policy.

The 'defund the police' movement emerged as part of the protests, calling for the reallocation of funds away from police departments to other social programs. The movement claims that police departments are systemically racist and that police funding can be better used to help African American communities.

The poll, which was conducted between June 23 and July 6, also found that the results for other racial groups were similar, with 71 percent of white Americans, 59 percent Hispanic Americans, and 63 percent of Asian Americans saying they'd prefer the police presence to remain the same. 

There is only one reasonable way for people in the cities to stop the ignorance of getting rid of police: Stop electing Democrats.

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