By Randy Tate

American football fans who hoped to find some respite from the ‘coronavirus’ pandemic and all of the racial nonsense in college ball are about to be hugely disappointed.

Fully exploiting both the virus and the “social justice” movement, a group of PAC-12 players from several schools have delivered a ‘list of demands’ to the conference, threatening to sit out the season if they’re not met.

Brietbart News reports:

According to a report obtained by ESPN, a group of players from several different Pac-12 schools have threatened to sit out preseason and regular season games unless the Pac-12 makes certain concessions. In a text message from the group, the aim is to 'obtain a written contract with the Pac-12 that legally ensures we are offered the following protections and benefits.'

The list includes:

— Ensure safe play during COVID-19

— Fight racial injustice

— Secure economic rights and fair compensation

— Protect all sports

— Obtain long-term health insurance

Though, according to the conference, they haven't heard from this group of players.

'Neither the Conference nor our university athletics departments have been contacted by this group regarding these topics,' the Pac-12 said in a statement.

'We support our student-athletes using their voice and have regular communications with our student-athletes at many different levels on a range of topics. As we have clearly stated with respect to our fall competition plans, we are, and always will be, directed by medical experts, with the health, safety and well being of our student athletes, coaches and staff always the first priority,” the statement continued.

“We have made it clear that any student athlete who chooses not to return to competition for health or safety reasons will have their scholarship protected,” said the statement.

It’s beginning to look like 2020 is just going to be a complete wash — sports and otherwise.

But what’s worse is there are so many Americans willing to exploit bad situations for their own personal gain.

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