By Duncan Smith

The socialists who run the Seattle City Council are hell-bent to turn their city into a cop-free war zone that will get residents killed and drive business out by the droves.

The council is set to pass a major ‘defund’ bill that will see dramatic and immediate cuts to the Seattle Police Department.

What’s more, their doesn’t seem to be any way to stop it.

The socialists hold a veto-proof majority, so even the uber-Left-wing Mayor Jenny Durkan, who allowed the CHOP zone to remain in place until it became a shooting gallery, couldn’t stop the defund measure if she wanted.

The Epoch Times reports:

Seattle council members are moving toward defunding the Seattle Police Department, an effort that could lead to the creation of a new civilian-led public safety agency.

The City Council's busy week included several meeting and hearings dealing with defunding proposals.

On Friday, council members introduced amendments to the current budget that would affect the police department, including reducing funding to reducing its homeland security, public affairs, and school resource officer units; transferring some positions to different agencies; and slashing funds and redirecting them to other efforts, like 'community-led research.'

A new council proposal would shift much of what the Seattle Police Department (SPD) currently does to a new civilian-led Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention, including 911 operations.

Council members hope to create the new department by the fourth quarter of next year, according to a resolution that hasn't yet been voted on. The department 'will take a holistic approach to public safety,' it said.

‘A holistic approach’ — that’s code for toothless ‘law enforcement’ which will result in turning the entire city into one giant CHOP zone of anarchy.

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