By Randy Tate

At some point, Americans are going to have to accept the fact that the coronavirus pandemic was overhyped and overtly politicized to not only hurt President Trump but also destroy our economy and subvert our liberties.

Otherwise, what liberties remain will simply vanish and Democrat masters will continue to inflict their tyranny on the country, under the guise of ‘protecting’ us.

The mask thing, for sure, has to go away.

Tens of millions of Americans have been brainwashed into believing that any facial covering will protect them from the dreaded COVID and that anyone who doesn’t wear a mask is a mass-murderer who deserves to be beaten, dragged, and hung.

A new column from Michael Thau at Red State dispels the myth that constant wearing of masks isn’t any big deal and that no one’s health is impacted by constantly breathing your own CO2.

There are five reasons why, he says:

1. Wearing masks prolongs the amount of time the virus stays around by slowing down its infection rate WITHOUT decreasing the number of people who ultimately have to get it before it fades away.

2. Um, nothing that restricts your breathing during a brutal heatwave is harmless.

3. Everyone walking around in public wearing surgical masks feeds the fear and panic over a virus that's less harmful to young and healthy people than the flu and delays our urgently needed return to normalcy.

4. No one has a clue what deleterious results will follow from depriving people of emotionally connecting with each other via facial cues.

5. You should never let anyone bully you into behaving irrationally. Especially the state.

Sounds about right.

Anyone who claims that we ought to just ‘accept’ masks as a ‘new normal’ is simple-minded, intellectually lazy, and too fearful to stand up for their own liberty. Avoid them.

We know who is most susceptible to coronavirus and who isn’t. Those who are can mask-up if they want, but the rest of us ought to be making our own choice as well.

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