By Duncan Smith

The coronavirus isn’t the world-ending plague we’ve been told it is. That’s obvious by now.

But because Shutdown Democrats are hell-bent on destroying the economy President Trump and Republicans built, they’re content to continue to punish their own citizens because they’re getting paid and get to do whatever they want.

As such, no doubt you’re heard of or read about goofy coronavirus-related shutdown orders issued by governors and mayors, mostly those in blue states and cities.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) has long been among a growing list of pinhead politicians ruining the lives of their citizens with patently hypocritical and absurd business closure orders.

And as bad as that is, federal courts are supporting his craziness, claiming that, despite the unconstitutionality of forbidding someone from earning a living, the ‘virus’ makes it all legal.

The Washington Times reports:

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee's coronavirus shutdown order has yet to deter fun-seekers from flocking to the public shoreline on Lake Chelan or protesters from descending on Seattle, but if Robert Bordner reopens his water park, he could go to jail.

Faced with a choice of closing down or landing behind bars, Mr. Bordner shuttered two weeks ago the Slidewaters Waterpark on Lake Chelan, but he refuses to go quietly, waging a legal battle against what he calls a 'hypocritical' state reopening plan that threatens to sink his family-owned business.

'If the pandemic is too dangerous to open a water park, it's too dangerous to protest,' Mr. Bordner, who owns Slidewaters with his cousin Burke Bordner, told The Washington Times.

So far, he's swimming against the legal tide. Attorneys for the Freedom Foundation took the case last week before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals after a federal judge dismissed the lawsuit challenging the governor's authority to issue emergency orders in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

'Even if Plaintiff has identified a constitutionally protected interest upon which the emergency proclamation infringes, the infringement is justified by the ongoing public health emergency caused by COVID-19,' U.S. District Judge Thomas O. Rice said in his ruling.

Got that?

Despite the fact that there is no constitutional basis for Inslee’s order, it doesn’t matter…because ‘muh coronavirus.’

We’ve looked and looked but we’ve been unable to find a “contagion” provision in the U.S. Constitution that supersedes all other recognized and protected.


The only thing left for Americans who are fed up with this kind of legalized tyranny is to pack up and move to a ‘freedom zone’ where they still exist in our country.

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