By Randy Tate

Majority Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee summoned Attorney General William Barr before them on Tuesday so they could ‘ask’ about the Justice Department’s response to a number of recent events.

But it quickly became apparent that they didn’t really want to hear much from him.

Rather, they simply used the occasion as a stage for political theatrics, to give lunatic voters some red meat ahead of the November elections.

Tyrants behave in such ways. And Marxist Democrats are tyrants all the way.

There was also a reason why Democrats refused to let Barr answer their ‘questions.’

Because they know he speaks the truth while making a mockery of their political circus.

David Marcus of The Federalist lays it out:

Tuesday's House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing with Attorney General William Barr was really something to behold. Almost every Democrat played from the same playbook, starting with Chairman Jerry Nadler, who told Barr he should be ashamed of himself. One after the other, they heaped scorn on the attorney general in a build up to some question that they refused to allow Barr to answer.

There is a serious giveaway in this tactic. When a member of Congress thinks he or she has a witness dead to rights for having made mistakes, or made false statements, the lawmaker tries to compel the witness to answer hard questions, not refuse to allow it. The problem Monday was that Barr clearly had very good answers for every question he was asked. There was no gotcha because he did nothing wrong and could explain that.

One of the best examples was the questioning from Rep. Pramila Jayapal. She engaged in a long rant about how when Trump supporters showed up at the Michigan capital with guns and Confederate flags Barr did not react, but in Portland and Washington D.C. he did react. She drew the conclusion that this was bias. When Barr tried to explain the situation, she simply talked over him. Why? If this was such a gotcha question, why not let Barr squirm?

The reason of course is that when Barr began his answer it was obviously going to make complete sense, diffuse the angry rhetoric from Jayapal, and destroy her sound bite, which is all she wanted in the first place. 

Here are some examples:

Democrats are not interested in governing at the behest of the people.

They want to rule us, period. And they will lie, distort truths, and try to destroy the character of anyone who gets in their way.

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