By Duncan Smith

MSNBC’s pretend ‘intelligence expert’ Malcolm Nance has just unveiled yet another of his many kooky conspiracy theories that only the Left-wing losers who watch that pathetic network would swallow.

During a Saturday evening appearance, Nance claimed, sans evidence, that the Trump campaign and their “vigilantes” were planning to hack into the Democrat Party if the Russians don’t.

Yes, it’s the continuing saga of “Trump-Russia collusion” to “steal the election” from Hillary, the most asinine and provably absurd fake narrative in the history of our country.

Here’s the exchange, per Breitbart:

TIFFANY CROSS: There are multiple intelligence reports that are highlighting very concerning things. One thing for me, just yesterday, intelligence officials issued a public warning that Russia was still trying to infiltrate our election process by selling disinformation and stoking racial discord in this country — just as they did in 2016. We had a similar warning in 2016 that nobody seemed to take seriously. We are in a situation again. It feels like deja vu. How concerned should we be going into election season? I'm very concerned about November. What is the threat level with our election systems and with the president, who has yet to ever hold them accountable on anything?

MALCOLM NANCE: It is very high, the Russian possibility of attacking our elections. We know that they have been going around and probing the Democratic Party, you say that memo that was sent out where the Democrat Party suspects they have been trying to hack into individual accounts in order to release emails in a flood before the election. That is going to happen. We already know if Russia doesn't do it, the Trump campaign, it's vigilantes, and its data team will most likely do it.

If you keep hoping that MSNBC will eventually develop into a real news network, disabuse yourself of that hope here and now.

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