By Duncan Smith

While the bulk of the mainstream media continues to ignore what’s going on in the country detrimental to Sleepy Joe Biden and his Democrat Party — riots, failing businesses, fake coronavirus deaths — they are ignoring what’s happening before their eyes.

New York City is where many news operations are based, but the financial nerve center — Manhattan — is dying.

It was killed off by prolonged COVID shutdowns thanks to perhaps the dumbest man ever to rise to the city’s top elected position: Mayor Bill de Blasio.

While he was blaming the virus on President Trump and painting petty little BLM murals across from Trump Tower, his city is cratering, as locals have been reporting on social media.

Even the Trump haters at The New York Times seem to get it: “7,500 workers are missing from a famous building. A food cart sells 10 hot dogs a day. The virus's effect on one block could be an omen for the city's future.”

The paper adds:

Midtown Manhattan, the muscular power center of New York City for a century, faces an economic catastrophe, a cascade of loss upon loss that threatens to alter the very identity of the city's corporate base. The coronavirus's toll of lost professions, lost professionals and untold billions of lost income and tax revenue may take years to understand and resolve.

Those Democrats sure know how to lead, huh?

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