By Randy Tate

Overnight, more Left-wing Marxist anarchists descended on more American cities in their ongoing efforts to create perpetual mayhem right up to the November elections.

And of course, the ‘mainstream media’ is dutifully ignoring the rising tide of lawlessness and violence because to cover it would repulse most Americans who saw what was really going on.

Meanwhile, the Democrat Party points a finger at the Trump administration for being responsible for violence the president is actively working to bring under control.

The Epoch Times notes that more of these ‘peaceful demonstrators’ were in action Saturday night, with groups of thugs attempting to burn down courthouses in California and Colorado.

Violent agitators over the weekend torched courthouses in California and Colorado amid Black Lives Matter protests across the country.

'We ask organizers of tonight's protest to help maintain peace,' the Oakland Police Department wrote on Twitter Saturday. 'Currently, some demonstrators in the area of 17th & Lakeside are breaking windows and chanting racial slurs at residents.'

'Agitators within the crowd of demonstrators have set the Alameda County Superior Courthouse on fire,' the department added in its statement while calling on individuals to avoid the area. 'We are calling for peace and to have safe spaces and safe places for tonight's demonstration.'

The Aurora, Colorado, police department also confirmed that a fire was started inside a courthouse in the city.

'The protestors are no longer peaceful as they are now throwing objects, shining lasers, and shooting large fireworks at officers,' the department wrote. 'We now have protestors that have broken windows to the courthouse and are inside of the building, attempting to start fires.'

The rioters then attempted to tear down wooden window coverings to use them as shields.

Meanwhile, some were seen 'breaking windows on the courthouse and attempting to get inside of the building,' the department said.

Is it the 1960s all over again? Maybe. But at least those violent protests finally died out.

Will the current violence and lawlessness subside as well?

We believe the answer is ‘yes,’ because President Trump will see to it.

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