By Duncan Smith

It’s called “Operation Legend,” and the Trump Justice Department is rolling it out in violent Democrat-run cities all across the country.

Including Chicago. Or maybe especially Chicago.

Just a few days ago, the hapless and highly politicized Chicago mayor, Lori Lightfoot, claimed she wasn’t going to ‘allow’ President Trump to send federal agents to her city.

Only, federal agents were already there. And have been there…for years.

Later in the week Lightfoot ‘relented’ because she knows she is powerless to stop the violent and mostly black-on-black shootings and murder.

In came more federal agents. And they’re already having a positive effect.

Former Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker discussed the Trump administration’s efforts and set the record straight about local-federal cooperation in an interview Friday with Fox News.

Here are the facts:

Do you believe Whitaker or do you think Democrat mayors have the authority to kick federal agents out? Comment below!

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