By Duncan Smith

Because shutdown Democrats want to continue sabotaging President Trump and his administration, they are now using the coronavirus to claim that it’s ‘too dangerous’ to reopen schools.

These calls come from the usual Left-wing suspects: Democrat mayors and governors; teacher’s unions, and Marxist ‘academics.’

This, even as the same hacks refuse to condemn nightly protests and street parties in the same Dem-controlled cities that are forcing businesses, gyms, and restaurants to close again because coronavirus test positives (not hospitalizations) are rising.


The facts are thus (and we’re all about ‘the science,’ right?): It’s inherently safe to send children back to school.

The CDC has said so, even putting out guidelines for the safe return of kids to classrooms.

Fox News has the details:

Do you think schools should be reopened this fall or are you with the ‘too scared’ crowd? Let us know below!

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